Louis Van Gaal drops bombshell on United fans, says he is ready to quit the club


Louis Van Gaal is never shy of making bold statements out in the press. Unfortunately, that is where he has been making his boldest claims lately. Manchester United suffered yet another defeat in the Premier League while their manager walked away with yet another post-match comments.

Following the 2-0 defeat to Stoke Van Gaal used strong choice of words to describe his position at the club. When being asked if he will remain in charge of the Chelsea game, Van Gaal said“You’ll have to wait and see if I’ll be in charge for the Chelsea game but I think so.”

However, the stronger words came out when The Dutchman hinted that club need not sack him, he might make their job easier. Van Gaal said: “The club doesn’t have to fire or sack me, sometimes I do it by myself”

With such strong words, one could only imagine that end is near for Van Gaal’s reign as the Manchester United manager. Jose Mourinho has been seen as the strongest candidate to take over at United and the Special One could take over at Manchester United before their next game against Chelsea.

Image credit: getty