Liverpool gathering an armory beyond the premier league


 Liverpool finished fourth last season but it has not stopped them from attracting the top talents in football across the world. Jurgen Klopp and the management of Liverpool have been scouting for the top talents to help the Reds finally challenge in all front.

The signings that Klopp have been making the last two seasons has shown the direction the club will like to take going forward. For this special we teamed up with the team of to have some extra inside information.

Bringing in the likes of Van Dijk for a record fee of £75m from Southampton and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £35m from Arsenal in the last two windows has shown in the way the club has been playing and the improvement was seen this season when they got to the champions league final.

The way they make those deals make it a steal in the market lately. Mo Sallah for £35m also show that Liverpool has eye for quality and knows what fit their system best.

The former European champions announced the signing of Fabinho from Monaco without any prior media buzz with the announcement coming from the moon. This is the way the club want to operate going forward.

The arrival of Naby Keita and possibly Nabil Fekir from RB Leipsig and Lyon respectively makes the team even more competitive and complete. The club is destined for success with this kind of approach.

The major issue Liverpool have been battling with is experience and leadership discipline in the dressing room. This is the bane of the club in recent time. Liverpool have fluffed chances to challenge for major honours. Under Klopp, Liverpool has lost three cup finals, Champions league, Europa league and Capital One cup.

This alone will always get into the team mentality. Looking at how the club has struggled to get a major silverware in recent time, it is best a major solution is adopted going forward.

The team Liverpool is building is one that will outlive Klopp at the club as it’s for the future. This means that the club will definitely be putting him under get watch if he’s not meeting the required target.

No one knows if Liverpool aim is to win the premier league next season but one thing they will definitely be eyeing is winning a major silverware once again. The last one was six years ago when they won the Carabao (formerly Capital One) cup under Kenny Dalgish.

Moving forward for the Reds, they have to make sure they continue to back the coach, either Klopp or any one that comes in if he is sacked to get to the level of Manchester City and United and also tie players like Salah to long term deals.

The Coutinho saga is still fresh and it will not be nice if that is to repeat itself with Salah who is getting lot of attention from other clubs like Real Madrid and PSG. It is a matter of time as Liverpool will return to winning trophies once again.

Several experts in premier league predictions predictions can see Liverpool making a big step in the upcoming season.They are closer to their first premier league than ever before right now.