Five things to expect at King Power when Leicester lift the Premier League Trophy


Football’s biggest fairy tale will come true this Saturday when Leicester City will finally get their hands on the Premier League trophy which has belonged to them for several months now.

After Tottenham’s 2-2 draw against Chelsea last week, Leicester were confirmed the Premier League Champions and they will be presented with the trophy this weekend at King Power Stadium following their match against Everton.

One can only imagine the euphoria from the home fans who had never even dreamt of such a moment and now they will see their heroes stand before their very eyes lifting the Premier League trophy.

Ahead of the most iconic moment in Premier League’s history, we take a look at five things to expect when Leicester lift the trophy and be crowned as the new Premier League Champions.

Once in a lifetime moment

Wherever you may be watching this moment, do not forget to keep it etched in your memory banks because we may never get a story quite like this until the day we live to follow the game of football.

It has been rightly tipped as the biggest underdog success history in the world of sports. Does not matter which club you support, Leicester lifting the Premier League trophy is a success for the game in itself and we should cheer it at the top of our lungs.

Ranieri and players shedding few tears

Emotions will be running high for the Leicester players and their God like manager Claudio Ranieri. They have experienced quite a ride this season and one constant among all of it has been their togetherness.

When a large group of people enjoy a success like Leicester have this season, it is hard to keep control on the emotions and few tears being shed. We will indeed see some wet eyes at King Power this weekend.

Leicester City crowned Premier League Champions

King Power to register on the richter scale

Back in March this year, King Power stadium celebrated their win over Norwich so passionately and loudly that it got registered on the richter scale as a minor earthquake of 0.3.

That day it was Leo Ulloa’s 89th minute strike against The Canaries which saw King Power go in to a frenzy. As for this Saturday, one can only imagine the noise levels generated by those Leicester fans once they get their hands on the trophy.

Final good byes from some of the heroes

Amidst all the glory for Leicester City this season, there are growing fears over some of their key men leaving in the summer.

Likes of N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez have been linked with several teams next season and we could see King Power bidding their final farewell to some of their warriors, heroes and legends.

Ranieri’s inspirational speech

Claudio Ranieri is not a man to fall short of words and given this will be his first ever league title in 28 years of management, we may hear the Italian come up with a remarkable thank you message for his fans.

Regardless of what he says, I for one would be keen to see if he uses his invented “Dilly Ding … Dilly Dong” phrase to describe his ecstasy of winning the Premier League title.

Image Credit: Getty, Goal