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Jurgen Klopp and Manuel Pellegrini share their reaction after League Cup Final Penalty Shootout

There are no worse ways to lose a title than to lose it on penalty shootouts. Liverpool suffered the heartache tonight as they lost to Manchester City after an inspiring performance from Willy Callabero.

Man City keeper was criticized all this season, but he stoop up tall and repaid the faith his manager Manuel Pellegrini had shown in him all season. Callabero saved three penalty kicks to win the cup for his team.

Following the shootout, both manager were left with contrasting emotions. While Klopp felt like shit, Pellegrini praised his team and vowed to stick by his players rather than lose a cup final.

Pellegrini stressed on playing Callabero, as he had done that all season, and would not have played Joe Hart under any circumstances tonight.

As for Klopp, he admitted that it will take time for him and his team to recover from this defeat as Cup Finals do not come everyday and a defeat like this feels like shit.

Klopp said: “I don’t feel too positive in this moment. I need time. It’s not my first big defeat.
“You have to feel a defeat, you can’t say it wasn’t important. You always have to strike back.
“Right now, we feel shit, but don’t worry, we will go on and we will get better.”

Klopp discussed that to win a penalty shootout, a team needs luck and better shooting than his side managed on the night. Klopp also revealed the reason why Daniel Sturridge did take a penalty kick in the shootout.

Klopp said“You need a little bit of luck in penalty shootouts but I think you need to shoot a little bit better. 
“It was a great day until the last kick in the penalty shootout.
“There was no chance [for a Sturridge penalty] he had cramps. Everyone who was available took one.

Klopp’s opposing number Pellegrini was happy for his side’s win and was full of praise for Willy Callabero who played his best game in a City jersey for a long long time.

Pellegrini said“I prefer to win it this way, because I was pleased to win the title for the players, fans, the staff but for Willy.

“I preferred to lose the title than lose the word (of picking him). We are working hard, in the middle of the season, it is important for us to keep fighting now.

“I was concerned about the amount of chances we missed. After that we played better in extra-time. It’s a very important moment, and it’s always very special to win a title at Wembley.”

The two teams meet once again in about 3 days’ time, this time in a Premier League encounter at Anfield.

Image credit: getty, Quotes credit: Sky Sports