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Jurgen Klopp vows to keep his Mouth Shut after angering Swiss Media

It has only been 4 days since Jurgen Klopp has arrived in Premier League and he has already stirred up few media personnel. In his first interview as the Liverpool manager, an extract was taken up by the Swiss media as they attacked Klopp for his choice of words. Initially, it was said that Klopp had hinted on having to manage in Swiss Football if he does not attain success at Liverpool in first 4 seasons.

As offending it might sound, Klopp came out suggesting something entirely different as the The German claimed how he meant to say that he will be replaced by some Swiss manager if he does not deliver success at Liverpool in his first 4 seasons.

Klopp explained and said: “From my understanding, it’s been mistranslated. I actually said that – if I don’t get a title in four years – a Swiss will be my successor, and not that I then go to Switzerland. I’m sorry that it’s come over wrong. But if someone wants to understand me wrongly, it is likely that will now happen more easily in English.”

I must say, it was very subtle how Klopp turned the entire thing to his poor knowledge of English. Moving on, Klopp also created quite a stir when he referred himself as The Normal One. It was hard to think it as an abrupt statement from him and it looked more like a strategic move by the Liverpool marketing team. Only hours later Klopp made The Normal One remark, there were scarfs, caps and what not floating in the market with that same slogan.

When quizzed about that, Klopp hinted on how he should have kept his mouth shut and could have avoided that remark. Klopp said: “No, I wasn’t thinking about such things. I was asked about this, and then I fell into it. Sometimes it’s better if I keep my mouth shut. But that is relatively difficult at a press conference.”

As vague as it might sound, but one can be rest assured about Klopp continuing to make explosive remarks in the press-conference and deliver results out on the pitch. This is how, he has made a living and I expect the same to continue with his tenure as the Liverpool’s manager.

Image credit: getty, quotes credit: Sport Witness