We saw the first real sign of Jurgen Klopp’s reformed Liverpool side against Tottenham


Jurgen Klopp came to Anfield and promised everyone fast-paced football, however, Liverpool players were not ready for as drastic change as that. Understandably Klopp took his time in changing the playing style at Anfield which has been the real reason for Liverpool’s inconsistent results under their new manager.

Players at Anfield were used to a certain style of play under Brendan Rodgers but Klopp’s tactics are way more ferocious and not easy to adapt. Klopp likes his team to go on a million-miles-an-hour right from first whistle to the very last.

There was a common theme to Liverpool’s games in the initial weeks under Klopp where players looked mightily impressive in the first 50 minutes of matches but then suddenly ran out of steam. Klopp’s new tactics took so much out of them in the first half that they were unable to carry on with that momentum through the match, thus the inconsistent results.

Since Klopp’s arrival we have seen his team go out and beat top teams like Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea but suffer defeats against the likes of Newcastle, Watford and Crystal Palace.

It should not be a surprise that since Klopp has taken charge of Liverpool, The Reds have dropped the most number of points from winning position in Premier League this season including their recent 1-1 draw vs. Tottenham.

However, there was something vividly different to Liverpool’s performance against Spurs than their recent draws or defeats from winning position. Klopp’s Liverpool kept going on till the very end, the energy levels did not dip down even after the hour mark.

When Harry Kane struck the equalizer, I thought here we go again they will once again end up being the victims of their own playing style. Instead Liverpool players held their own and finished the game stronger of the two teams.

Philippe Coutinho, James Milner, Adam Lallana were constantly breaking away with pace even in the latter stages of the match which must have been a refreshing sight for Jurgen Klopp.

The Reds take on Borussia Dortmund in their upcoming Europa League round of 16 tie which will once again be played at a fanatic pace. Liverpool would need to match or at least remain close to the Dortmund’s energy levels or else they will be blown away much like Tottenham in the round of 32.

Despite Thomas Tuchel taking over at Signal Iduna Park, Klopp’s presence in the Dortmund side can be clearly felt. If any manager can break down the current Dortmund team it has to be Klopp and Liverpool are fortunate to have him on their side.

Liverpool proved their energy levels against Spurs now it is about them going that extra step and toppling one of the best teams in Europe and certainly the favorites to win Europa League this season – Borussia Dortmund.

Image Credit: Getty