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Jose Mourinho spotted at Old Trafford but Paul Scholes is not impressed

Jose Mourinho bandwagon at Old Trafford is in full swing after plenty of fans were spotted holding Mourinho’s scarves in protest to Louis Van Gaal.

It is believed that regardless of the result tonight, Van Gaal will be fired tonight or he will have to resign. Not only scarves but many fans are also seen holding “Van Gaal out, Mourinho in banners.”

Jose Mourinho spotted at Old TraffordThese claims are definite signs of how low Van Gaal’s popularity has fallen among United. However, one man who has been left unimpressed with these acts from the fans is Paul Scholes.

Reacting to the fans wearing Mourinho’s scarves, Scholes said: “I’m not sure what that clown is doing.” Perhaps that is the reaction, United fans need to show towards Van Gaal, who is doing his best to turn things around.

Image credit: twitter