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Jose Mourinho tells Diego Costa – If you want to hurt me, try little harder

Chelsea striker Diego Costa showed a massive sign of discontent and disrespect against Jose Mourinho’s decision to drop him from the team and not use at all during the 0-0 draw vs Spurs last night. Costa showed no desire during his warm up and when he went back to the dugout, he appeared to have angrily thrown his bib (vest) in disgust. Unfortunately for the striker, it fell right behind Mourinho.

Following the game, Chelsea manager was asked about Costa’s behavior where he appeared to have thrown bib in his direction. Mourinho laughed off the suggestion and said: “If Diego wants to hurt me, it will not happen with a bib.”

Jose Mourinho reacts to Diego Costa throwinga  bib at him
                                     Costa throwing his bib in anger

With Mourinho backing his striker this time, he could get away cheap without any severe consequences. Mourinho opted to go ahead with Eden Hazard as his striker against Tottenham in place of the Spanish striker. To his disbelief, Costa was never asked to go on and change the game for his team despite the game being locked at 0-0.

There have been several reports of a rift between Jose Mourinho and Diego Costa and it seemed pretty obvious with the body language Costa had throughout the game. He was sulking sitting on the bench, never put any effort in the warm-ups and he was not available for the warm-down exercises as well. Put all these things and his lack of goals together, future does not look too bright for the former Atletico Madrid striker.

His bib fiasco last night was not first of the mindless acts from him. Costa was involved in a stupid argument against Arsenal earlier in the season which ended up receiving a 3-match ban. Chelsea need to focus on their season right now and these acts have to be

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