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Jose Mourinho lashes out at Didier Drogba

Jose Mourinho has opted to dismiss criticisms issued by Didier Drogba in his upcoming book – ‘Commitment: My Autobiography’. Ahead of the launch, Drogba was speaking in an interview, where he stressed on one of the sections from his book, where he has revealed the lack of leaders at Chelsea Football club. Former Chelsea great is not surprised to see them struggle this season and in previous seasons due to the very reason.

Drogba said: ‘During my time at Chelsea we had a lot of leaders in the team…[John] Terry is still there but on your own it is very difficult, so other players have to come up with this mentality. But it is not something you are born with, you build it within you.’

Following these harsh words, Mourinho was asked to comment on the story, but the Special One decided to ignore Drogba’s assessment altogether. Mourinho confirmed that these tacts are becoming common these days where players give irrational comments before their book’s launch to sell more copies.

Mourinho said: ‘When you speak because you want to sell books, I don’t read. I don’t read. I like good interviews. I like interviews from big guys like Didier with good journalists, newspapers or television. But this is not an interview. It was to sell books.’

Drogba may have been trying to get publicity for his book, but he is not speaking anything out of context. When we look around the current Chelsea squad, it does appear that only Terry is the leader for this side with others being just mere followers. Big-name players are indeed present at the club, but they are not taking the mantle to lead Chelsea through the difficult times.

Drogba’s comments may have triggered Mourinho into snapping back as The Special One is not having best of times as the Chelsea boss. While many tabloids will pick on this story to create a rift between the pair, they should not forget the special relationship these two men share during their time at Chelsea Football club. The two have just shared their opinions and it should not be used to create a story which does not exist.

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