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Jose Mourinho humiliates Arsene Wenger YET AGAIN ahead of the match against Arsenal

Call it a bad habit or intolerance, Jose Mourinho cannot help himself but to take a sly dig at Arsene Wenger everytime he nears a match against Arsenal.

Mourinho may have switched sides with Manchester United but his love-hate affair with Wenger has not stopped.

The issue this time was Mourinho’s belief of not getting enough respect from the media like Wenger does. What irritated Mourinho more that he feels he deserves the same plaudit as Wenger because his title victory was more recent.

To be precise, Mourinho said: “Sir Alex Ferguson is not here any more and tomorrow between the two managers we are speaking about I think six or seven Premier League titles, I’m not sure. I have three, I think, and Mr Wenger has three.

“Does that mean we should be respective even in periods where our results are not the best? I think Mr Wenger has that respect from all of you, I don’t think I have.

“My last Premier League title was 18 months ago not 18 years ago, I don’t get that respect, to be honest. I just follow my way because I want to win a ninth championship and I want to win a fourth Premier League.”

Whether these comments will fire up Jose to go on and get a result tomorrow or will we see ‘The Rash One’ we will have to wait and watch as Manchester United take on Arsenal in a pulsating contest at Old Trafford tomorrow.