Jose Mourinho dragged in to legal tribune after his latest statement on Eva Carneiro

Jose Mourinho may have left Chelsea and joined Manchester United, however, his actions against Eva Carneiro last season are still haunting the Portuguese manager.

According to a report from Mirror, Mourinho will face a tribunal verdict after claiming to have used offensive phrases against the former Chelsea doctor.

Mourinho was accused of using the phrase “filho da puta“, meaning “son of of a b**** or whore”, against Carneiro when she had jumped on the field to treat Eden Hazard without Mourinho’s consent.

The current Manchester United manager has gone ahead and admitted the use of offensive words but in a rather sporty manner. In his defense, Mourinho said“Filho da puta is a phrase I often use, all of the players know it.

There is no sexist connotation in the use of the phrase – it is just like saying ‘f*** off’. In the world of football, a lot of swear words are used.

“Cesc and I both speak English well, but in the heat of the game we both swear in our mother language. Eva was not on the pitch at that point in time.”

Following the row, Mourinho decided to axe both Eva and team physio Jon Fearn from first team duties. It resulted in Eva quitting the team and the filing two separate cases; one on Chelsea football club and one separately against Jose Mourinho.

Despite a two-month trial, no verdict could be reached and now the case has gone to a tribunal where the case is expected to be closed in next 10 days at Croydon Employment Tribunal in south London.

All the sensitive documents, call and text details will be made public which may not be the exact thing Jose would have hoped for after recently taken charge of Manchester United.

All three parties must reach a clear verdict before this thing can be put behind by Jose Mourinho as he looks to assert his presence at Old Trafford in coming months.