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Jack Wilshere is in the headlines……. yet again for wrong reasons

How long can Arsenal fans remain patient with Jack Wilshere? Last week, we heard Arsene Wenger preach Roy Hodgson to select Jack Wilshere in his Euro 2016 squad, however, considering Wilshere’s latest act of shame I doubt if Hodgson would make that choice.

According to reports from Daily Mirror, Arsenal star was seen an altercation between two groups of men outside Cafe de Paris nightclub near Leicester Square. The incidence happened in the late hours of Sunday night, only 24 hours later to Wilshere’s first day in training for over 7 months.

Arsenal have shied away from giving any statements to the newspapers and have labeled this incident as a private matter. Police officers, nigh club staffs and few other people were present on the site trying to separate both groups involved in the altercation.

Jack Wilshere involved in an ugly nightclub incident

One of the staffs from Cafe de Paris nightclub confirmed Daily Mirror that he had asked Jack to leave the place before scenes got uglier. However, the staff was quick to add that Wilshere is still welcomed anytime if he wants to pay them a visit.

Seeing Wilshere constantly test Arsene Wenger’s patience and get away with it has irritated many Arsenal fans who have shown no love towards the 24-year old midfield. Many have asked the club to sell their “overrated” player and get someone in who can actually play 20-25 games a season.

For now, Arsenal have chosen to stick by their trouble maker but I just hope Jack Wilshere does not have to sit at a random pub one day thinking “what if I played for a great team…how good could I have been if I was a pro”?

Image Credit: Getty, twitter