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Is Wayne Rooney back to his best? These stats certainly tell us he is

Wayne Rooney had switched on the beast mode in him last night against Newcastle. United skipper scored 2 goals (one of them an absolute cracker) and he came up with a sublime assist for Jesse Lingard’s goals.

Following his performance last night, quiet suggestions have been thrown around the Premier League about Rooney coming back to his best, so is he really back at his best?

Rooney managed 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 shots on goal, 40 passes with 85% accuracy. Safe to say his best game for Manchester United in a long-long time. Not only these numbers. He achieved some eye-opening achievements with his performance as well, take a look:

Is Wayne Rooney back to his best Is Wayne Rooney back to his best Is Wayne Rooney back to his best Is Wayne Rooney back to his best

To fully think that he is back to his best after one game, it would be an exaggeration, however signs were there last night for Rooney to still play at the highest level for Manchester United.

He was breaking his neck to get in the box, his passing radar was once again on track and that assist for Lingard’s goal was sublime. United fans would hope to see their skipper turn up similar performances week-in-week-out.

Next up for Rooney awaits a game against Liverpool, where he has not done well in recent times, but has never lacked any motivation to give his absolute best.

Image credit: getty, Goal