Is it time for Arsene Wenger to quit Arsenal before it gets even worse?


Arsenal losing to Watford in the FA Cup quarter final was way more than just a defeat. Despite being the favorites, Gunners allowed Watford to implement their game plan to perfection, and have set a very bad tone ahead of their crucial Champions League tie vs. Barcelona.

I am all for a manager to be consistent at a given club, but if he is not able to rectify the problems which have haunted him for years, perhaps he is just not good enough. Arsenal and their March misery continued this season as well, where they promised so much at the turn of New Year, but have capitulated since then.

Their 95th minute win vs. Leicester was seen as the turning point and perhaps a means to end their league title drought. I remember Jim Beglin saying at the full-time whistle vs. Leicester, “You’re still in this Arsene“. Unfortunately, that did not last long for the Gunners.

Since that game, Arsenal have won just 1 out the 7 matches played, drawing 2 and losing the other 4. It is baffling to see a team of Arsenal’s abilities with a man of Wenger’s pedigree in charge to deliver results like these.

Is it time for Arsene Wenger to quit Arsenal?

wengerIn last 6 seasons, by second week of March, Arsenal have already been edged out of the Premier League race and have barely managed to stay alive in the Champions League. Later this week, they take on Barcelona in an almost dead rubber with Spanish team having a 2-0 lead from the first leg.

Unlike previous seasons, fans have been very vocal about Wenger leaving Emirates sooner rather than later. Against Hull, an explicit banner was flashed inside the stadium which read: “Thank you for the memories, but it is time to say goodbye“.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fans at the moment, who concur with this idea. Wenger has given his everything to this football club, from developing young and great players to overseeing the transition from Highbury to The Emirates. He will forever be an Arsenal great, but it may be the best time for him to leave the club and go his own way.

Can Arsenal win anything big under Wenger?

It almost feels like inevitability that Arsenal will not win anything major under him. The assumption is largely based on Wenger’s inability to change his methods and be reluctant in his transfer approach.

Many called it the Eureka moment, when he went ahead and bought Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez for big bucks. Then there was the win vs. Manchester City in December earlier this season, where they won the game with little over 35% of the possession.

Well, despite all of those small successes, the bigger picture seems to be lost for the North London club once again. At times, a club needs fresh ideas and new approach to attain success, and perhaps that is why Arsene Wenger needs to quit the club and allow someone else (not necessarily some one better than him, but indeed someone else) to take this club to greater heights.

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