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Five reasons why Jurgen Klopp will struggle at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp or shall we call him the Normal One gave one of Premier League’s best debut press conferences in recent times. While Klopp was asserting his authority over the Liverpool football club, I was wondering if there was any reason for the charismatic German manager to struggle at Anfield in his early few months or even seasons. What surprised me was that, there are more than one reasons, Klopp should be worrying about as he promised the club owners a substantial title in first four seasons.

Current strength and depth of the Liverpool squad is no where the near the Dortmund side he managed back in the days and neither there are leaders at Liverpool, who can be Klopp’s eyes and earns on the pitch. That and many other factors are there which will not allow Klopp to settle in quickly at Anfield. Here is our selection of five reasons why Jurgen Klopp will struggle at Liverpool, take a look:

Premier League being different to Bundesliga

All his life, Jurgen Klopp has known one brand of football, attack .. attack .. attack, which might have been useful in Bundesliga football but it cannot guarantee success in Premier League. Bundesliga is more open than Premier League and that is where Klopp would need to buy his time in bedding his philosophy to the Liverpool players, which will take time.

Five reasons why Jurgen Klopp will struggle at LiverpoolNo more Winter Breaks

After a hectic start to the season, Klopp always had the winter break to fall back to in getting his team back to full fitness, however, in Premier league, he will have to work overtime come Christmas and New Year’s time. That will demand too much of him and his squad, which again cannot guarantee immediate success for either of them.

Lack of leaders at Liverpool

Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher would have loved to play for a manager like Jurgen Klopp, but the fact is that they are no longer at the club and no one currently at the club comes anywhere close to being a leader. Jordan Henderson and James Milner are the names I can think of, who can be Klopp’s leaders, but their limited abilities on the pitch makes them less than favorable to guide this Liverpool side to immediate glory.

Five reasons why Jurgen Klopp will struggle at Liverpool


An unstable defense and lack of natural width

Klopp thrives on having natural width and a stable defense to his team, however, he will have to make it work at Liverpool in their absence. Current Liverpool team is far from being secured in defense and in terms of width, Jordan Ibe is the only player, who can put his hands up and take claim. These two tactical shortcomings will indeed haunt Klopp in his initial few seasons.

The dreaded transfer committee at Liverpool

Although, Klopp made it pretty clear that he will have the first and last word on the transfers, but how long that can be trusted is yet to be seen. Klopp would want to keep them away from his line of work because if they intrude in him managing the club, results will only go south for both club and the manager.

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