Delight for Manchester United, despair for Chelsea and Arsenal after FIFA sanctions new Transfer Bans

FIFA’s disciplinary committee has sanctioned transfer bans for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid for violating the rules relating to international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18.

The transfer ban is implied for next two transfer windows, meaning the Madrid giants cannot sign new players in next summer transfer window and the next January transfer window.


Add to the ban, Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid have been fined CHF 900,000 and CHF 360,000 respectively.

The decision was conveyed to the clubs earlier today and have been given a 90-day period to regularize the matter in hand or they will have to face further punishments from FIFA’s disciplinary committee.

The news comes as a huge relief to Manchester United fans as they will now be able to hold on to David De Gea for at least another season, after the goal keeper was heavily tipped to make a move to Santiago Bernabeu in the summer.

Despite his contract extension, Real Madrid were tipped to make a £40million bid for the keeper next summer, however, with the transfer ban imposed, their plans have been put to bed.

As for Chelsea, Antoine Griezmann was seen a likely striker signing in the summer. However, with the ban in play, Atletico will do their very best to hold on to their prized asset.

Jackson Martinez was another target for the Premier League club Arsenal in the summer. Like Griezmann, Martinez is another key striker for Diego Simeone, which would automatically fend off any bids for the Colombian from the Gunners.

Real and Atletico have next 15 days to bring in any new player as proper cover to their squad after they have been given a transfer ban for next two windows.

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