One defeat makes it “Van Gaal Out” while a win instigates “Jose Out” chants, Can we get a break?


Manchester United may be going through their worst phase in Premier League era but media has taken a liking to their managerial woes which has already seen Louis Van Gaal get fired 100 times and Jose Mourinho in charge of the Old Trafford club.

Such has been the consistency of these news being shoved at our throat is that one day we hear Van Gaal out claims by the papers while next day we read Ryan Giggs as the next manager and Jose Mourinho is either off to Real Madrid or PSG from the same source.

It is one thing to create anticipation and excitement among the fans but it has now turned in to a foul attempt at increasing viewership. Those so-called football newspapers and websites need to respect their readership and not create news out of anything.

At present, we know Mourinho or Manchester United will not commit or deny the rumours as they want to explore every possibility right till the very end. Mourinho is waiting for a concrete offer be it from United, Madrid or even PSG. On the other hand, Man United are willing to give Van Gaal a fair chance of ending this season with the FA Cup title and a Top-4 finish.

They will never announce Mourinho as their next manager like Manchester City did with Pep Guardiola. We have seen how City’s league form has gone for a toss since announcing Pep’s arrival next season. Being the more experienced side, United will not make the same mistake.

Whether Van Gaal stays in the job or walks away to allow Mourinho take charge at Old Trafford, it is a matter of distant future and we will indeed get all the answers in due course of time.

For now, fans around the world must use their own sense of judgement and distance themselves from these hoax and fabricated stories concerning Manchester United’s manager for next season.

Image Credit: Getty