Former Premier League striker’s father found dead, Police are suspecting a murder


In a shocking turn of events, Darrel Clarke, father of former Premier League striker Leon Clarke was found dead in his boat pub. For now, Police are strongly suspecting a murder.

Darrel Clarke was reportedly found in hid boat pub near Wednesfield, Wet Mids, at around 10:30 pm. He had a severe head injury and that is seen as the most plausible cause of his death.

Leon Clarke, a former Premier League striker who played for Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry City, Charlton Athletic and QPR is yet to give any comment on his father’s death.

However, according to Police Officials, one witness was caught who claimed that the ambulance was called on time when Darrel’s injury was known to the others.

According to the eye witness, Darrel had got the injury before entering the pub where he continued to drink despite his head injury and ended up on the floor and minutes later, found dead.

Police are now running investigation for a Murder case, which is yet to hit any strong grounds. We are awaiting any official confirmation from their side, as and when we get that, we shall have it on our site for everyone to read.

Meanwhile, our condolences to everyone who knew Darrel Clarke and to the entire family of Leon Clarke. May Darrel’s soul Rest in Peace.

Image credit: getty