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Premier League GW26: Three Key battles that will decide Arsenal vs Leicester City


Arsenal host the most remarkable game of Premier League season so far as Leicester City aim to continue their dream run towards the league title. While many are still in disbelief of their achievements so far this season, we take a look at the key battles which will decide the game this weekend.

Riyad Mahrez vs Nacho Monreal

Riyad Mahrez bagged a fascinating goal last week as Leicester managed a 3-1 win over City and certainly, he will be starting the game. The one who will go head-to-head with him will be Nacho Monreal, Arsenal’s left-back.

The last fixture was an absolute nightmare for Monreal, as his passes and defensive assumptions, all went wrong. Contrast to it, Mahrez had a brilliant game with beautiful positioning, passing and at last, a goal. It will be a real challenge for the Spaniard to stop this high-flying right-wing, who pairs up perfectly with Jamie Vardy.

To make the fans believe that it is absolutely their year, Vardy will have to overcome this defensive rock.

Jamie Vardy vs Laurent Koscielny

Jamie Vardy has been absolutely stunning over the past few months and is already the league’s top scorer with 18 goals. Getting past the defensive line and creating havoc for the defenders is a kid’s job for him.

Laurent Koscielny will be surely facing off this veteran striker, though; the whole defensive line will have to guard him as soon as he passes the mid-line. It will be a battle to keep an eye on whether high-flying Jamie Vardy can be stopped by Koscielny. If he succeeds, anyhow, a victory, at least a draw is assured.

His goal-scoring partner, Mahrez will also have to be marked as tightly as possible.

Mesut Özil vs Wes Morgan

This German central-attacking-midfielder is playing nothing less than a forward and moreover is in a sparkling form, creating chances, taking shots, putting crosses and scoring goals for the Gunners over the past few matches. He is the main man to be credited behind Arsenal’s impressive form.

No doubt, the confidence level of this lad is quite high at this moment. A defender will have to mark him tightly so as to keep him within the limits, and this work needs a lot of experience, which is only with Wes Morgan.

None other than him will get this tough job but defenders like Huth can still assist him. Even for a single moment, if he is paid inadequate attention, the Foxes will see the net bulging behind them.

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