Manchester City vs Tottenham: 3 things Manuel Pellegrini must do to beat Mauricio Pochettino


What we have got as Game-week 26’s hottest clash is Tottenham vs. Manchester City, the battle between the two great English sides that gets more and more intense as the time passes but in these last few months, we can assume it to be blood-shredding.

While Pochettino will be looking forward to maintain his consistency, the rarest asset this season, Pellegrini might be just commanding his last match at White Hart Lane. The tale of the 3-3 draw will get pitch to be resumed.

As far as playmakers are concerned, Dele Alli and Harry Kane will continue to be Tottenham’s pillar, while Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero will have to take out the whole business for the Citizens. Manuel Pellegrini’s army has been termed as the underdogs are following are the 3 things he must do to reassure themselves as the genuine title contenders –

Hampering the Kane-Alli duo

While Harry Kane has been performing fantastically after a slow start to the season, Dele Alli has been pushing hard to achieve the title of this season’s emerging player. Week in and week out, these two have been luring away people’s attention.

Manuel Pellegrini will surely be aware of this and hence, what he should do is to shield off this doublet to secure at least a point. According to predictions, Otamendi and Demichelis will be assigned with the special duty of hampering them.

The best way to stop Harry Kane is to mark the covering players, cutting off all the passing options and holding on to the ball for as long as possible. A high-tempo game should be avoided by Pellegrini.

The substitute way can be to match Tottenham’s formation as it has been noticed that when their formation is matched, they lack enough space to run with the ball and cause havoc. A shape of 4-2-3-1 might just be the key to success.

Judicious use of academy players

Manchester City is going through a drastic injury spell and key playmakers like De Bruyne, David Silva, Wilfred Bony, Samir Nasri, Jesus Navas and Vincent Kompany are out, sitting on the bench.

In the mean time, academy players like Luis Roza, Reges, Celina, Alex Garcia and Iheanacho are being handed over the responsibilities of lifting up the team. It is not something to be too jubilant about as tons of youth players will only demoralize themselves, as they did against Leicester City.

So, Pellegrini should think twice before finalizing the starting lineup as they should be capitalized on very judiciously. Premier league’s volatile nature can set their career aback.

Play cool, play safe

Last, but not the least, the Citizens should play with a cool head. They just cannot bear any more injuries or suspensions. To keep the hopes of becoming the champion’s alive, they ought to play safe. Prominent players such as De Bruyne and David Silva are already out and if they face any more injuries, the apple will surely fall too far from the tree.

During such an injury prone spell, they are advised to play with a cool head.

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