England needs its players to get European Exposure to succeed at Major Tournaments


Premier League often sparks debate between being the most followed and the best league in European Football. While there is endless money flowing in the Premier League but English teams have hardly done well at the European or the National tournaments in recent years.

Likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have drifted towards being a mediocre side in Champions League while England’s national team continues to disappoint at major tournaments.

Three Lions enter every tournament with the tag of being one of the favorites due to the huge Premier League following, however, they have hardly reached the quarter final stage in last couple of World Cups or the European Championships.

When we come to think of it, one of the biggest reasons for England failing to do well at these tournaments is the lack of European experience for their players. At present all the members of England’s senior International team only come from their domestic league.

Elsewhere we see the likes of Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium have their players playing across Europe’s top-5 leagues. Premier League is indeed eye-catchy and raises a hell lot of money, but going by the recent trends they are far from being the best league in Europe.

Year after year we see La Liga and Bundesliga sides dominate Champions League and Europa League while Premier League teams fail to even make it to the semifinals let alone the final.

This year, we have the possibility of seeing an all-Spanish final at both Champions League and Europa League. Perhaps it is time for the English players to leave their comfort zone and native land to gain some vital European experience.

Not only it will make them a better player, it will also help England’s National team gain the much required blend of European football to their squad. The upcoming Euro 2016 will be a huge test for England’s upcoming stars and it will tells us exactly how far or close England are from fighting with Europe’s elites.

Image Credit: Getty