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Diego Costa reveals the real reason behind his loss of form

There is a pretty famous saying that “someone’s loss is someone else’s gain” well in Diego Costa’s case, this phrase has had pretty damaging impact for Chelsea’s and his start to the 2015/16 season. The Spanish striker today came out in the public defending his under-fire manager Jose Mourinho and claimed that the real reason behind his loss of form is his gain in weight from last season.

Costa turned up for the new season injured from last season, which he openly admitted and also claimed that Chelsea players came to the start of 2015/16 season thinking that it would be easier for them to defend their title. Costa, who was dropped from Spain’s squad by Vicente Del Bosque after his acts against Arsenal was speaking earlier today where he said the following,

‘I’m going to be very honest, five or six weeks ago, I was not on top of my game, at least physically. ‘I got injured at the end of the season and then I went on holiday. Maybe I got out of my diet and when I came back I was not the way I was supposed to be. I was a little bit overweight, and that affected my game.

‘You can be selfish and blame it on the manager but I’m not going to do that. I’m responsible and so are the other guys. We need to blame the players. We know we were not 100 per cent when we got here. We came back from holiday very confident, and thought we could go back into how it was last season. When we actually realized where we were, the team was already in a bad situation.’

Costa openly showed his vote of confidence for his manager and claimed that it is always easier to blame the manager if results do not go the right way, however, the striker took full responsibility upon the players for the horror start for his club’s season so far.

Costa said: ‘When things don’t go the way everyone expects, people always look for someone to blame, in some cases they blame the players, but in this case they blame the manager and maybe that’s because it is Mourinho. I have seen sides losing more games than Chelsea, and no one criticizes their managers.

‘They can say whatever they want about Mourinho, but inside the dressing room, he is completely different from the idea people have of him.
‘He gives us all the support we need, and the players talk to each other and we say he is the best manager you can have. Maybe he gets criticized because he’s very good. Maybe he gets criticized because he’s Mourinho.’

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