Celtic in case with family of deceased fan Nathan McSeveney


This might not be good news for Celtic authorities as the family of a deceased fan has sued the club after the passing of their son, Nathan McSeveney. McSeveney lost his life after he fell on a stairwell at Celtic Park in November 2014.

As at his death, McSeveney was just 20-year-old and it was a tragic one. A native of Cumnock in Ayrshire, died after Scotland’s Euro 2016 qualifier against the Republic of Ireland in November 2014.

The family are suing after what they claim that Celtic FC had “failed in its duty of care to protect” Mr McSeveney. However, Celtic are not willing to accept any wrong doing in the process that lead to the accident that killed their Mr McSeveney.

So the court seems the best place for the family to seek last hope. He died at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary after he was rushed out of the stadium from Exit 33 but eventually couldn’t make it after he had sustained numerous injuries.

The family’s lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors, said it was “a tragic case that has devastated a family”. Partner Patrick McGuire added as quoted by BBC: “It is our firm belief that the football club failed in its duty of care to protect this young man leading to this awful accident.

The claim is that if a safety net had been erected at the stadium, it could have saved the life of the young man.

They are willing to go to the last length to get the justice they deserve. Celtic management on the other hand is fully in sympathy with the family of McSeveney for the loss of their beloved son.

But they are not accepting any claim that they were guilty for the act that lead to his death. This at no point in time is to add more grieve to the family but to set things straight.

In the statement released they claim that:”Celtic Football Club has considerable sympathy with the McSeveney family for their terrible loss following this tragic accident.

“However, and while the club’s sympathy is in no sense diminished, the club does not accept liability for the accident. Celtic Park is a very safe environment and complies with all applicable building standards. Celtic Park is regularly inspected and certified as safe by the relevant authorities, including an investigation immediately following the accident.”

It will he a great thing if the matter is settled out if club and both sides move on.