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Confirmed: Carlo Ancelotti ready to replace Jose Mourinho in January

One of the best managers in the history of football, Carlo Ancelotti is ready to break his long-term sabbatical and ready to take charge of a top European club once again. As for now, his eventual destination is still not clear, however, he did drop a hint while speaking with Corriere dello Sport where he revealed his desires of returning back to Premier League.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ancelotti said: “I will go back to Premier League. From January I will be available again.” These comments have indeed created a degree of anticipation as managers at top football club have started to look over their shoulders and get nervy with the option of Ancelotti replacing them.

Given Ancelotti’s recent history, he will look to target one of  the top clubs in England and currently there is only one team who is having manager troubles and could look for an alternative options and it is Chelsea football club. Despite the recent vote of support for Jose Mourinho, no one is denying the fact that he is under extreme pressure to get his results right, that too in quick span of time.

Ancelotti is aware of the psyche at Chelsea and their owner Roman Abramovich as he has had personal experience of getting fired after a poor start to the season. Ancelotti has been the only man to win Premier League with Chelsea apart from Jose Mourinho and if the Portuguese is sacked by January, Ancelotti would be the ideal solution for Chelsea and Amramovich.

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