Can Leicester City dare to dream of winning Premier League title this season?


We are just three months away from Premier League 2015/16 season finale with Leicester City still ahead of Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City at top of the league table.

Had it been Chelsea or Manchester United in the same position, we would have crowned them as Champions elect. But since it is Leicester, no one is quite sure what will happen come the end of current season.

Do Leicester deserve to win the title?

Absolutely! They have been the most entertaining side to watch this season with Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy cutting through the defenses of most sides. Leicester’s consistency is another aspect which makes them the worthy of winning the title this season.

Apart from the victories, it is the manner in which they have responded after getting beat has been the most impressive part of their play this season. Arsenal have been their arch nemesis as the Gunnerx have beaten them home and away, most recently., courtesy a 95th minute winning goal from Danny Welbeck.

Earlier in the season when Arsenal had beaten them 5-2 at King Power stadium, everyone decided to write off Leicester from the title race. However, what followed was a remarkable run of wins for Claudio Ranieri’s men.

That was the phase when Jamie Vardy managed to score in 11 consecutive Premier League games. That amazing run coupled with brilliant displays from Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater, Albrighton and Wes Morgan, have continued to defy the odds this season.

Final hurdle awaits for Leicester

Despite leading the table for most number of days this season, question marks still exist on Leicester going on to finish the job. Their 2-1 defeat against Arsenal have once again raised doubts about their credentials of being the Champions.

It is time for Leicester to come up with another of those inspiring run of victories, and it will make everyone realize of their true potential. There is no doubt that, entire Leicester squad must be dreaming to become the Champions this season.

They are too close to not think about it. With only 12 games remaining this season, Ranieri needs to get hold of his players and keep them focused on task in hand.

Leicester have an easier run of fixture in next 6 games, and that is where I feel the title will be won or lost by The Foxes. If Leicester can pull off 4-5 wins from their next 6 games, we could be ready to crown a new Premier League Champion this season.

Many believe that, Leicester’s inexperience in title run-ins will be the real reason of their undoing, however, them not knowing the pressure to win the title could also work in their advantage.

Throughout the season, they have enjoyed their football out on the pitch. They should continue to do the same for next 12 games and the title will be theirs to cherish.

Will this ever be repeated in top flight game? I am not too sure, but we all want Leicester’s fairy tale to see its rightful end with The Foxes going on to win this season’s Premier League 2015/16 title.

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