Brendan Rodgers’ £2 million Deal in debut – fans react


Celtic Park is looking better than ever today as the Bhoys opened the stadium for the season in a friendly match against Standard Liege.

The game opened by 3 pm today and this will be fans first chance to be shown the brand new, state of the art hybrid pitch which looks sparkling.

Celtic used two seasons to perfect the pitch and cost them north of £2 million. It was one of Brendan Rodgers’ first request when he arrived Celtic. Celtic will warm up for the second leg of their Champions League tie by challenging the Belgians this afternoon.

Even though the World Cup has kept us entertained, there is nothing like getting to watch the Bhoys again at Celtic Park with a whole season ahead of us.


  1. Yes, the pitch looks good and no doubt the new lighting will be sensational. However, all the screens on the concourse were blank yet again and the toilets looked as though they haven’t even been cleaned never mind a lick of paint!

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