Bayern Munich 4 Juventus 2 – Key Talking Points and Things we learned

Football can be a cruel game at times, and Juventus learned it the hard way last night at Allianz Areana, when Bayern Munich scored 2 goals inside 3 minutes to snatch the game away from The Old Lady.

Juventus had started the game on a dream note after taking a 2-0 lead even before the half time. Paul Pogba opened the scoring after Manuel Neuer decided to go on one of his famous strolls, but ended up causing a massive blunder.

Juventus doubled their advantage after Alvaro Morata tore Bayern’s defense in half with the most amazing of runs, and it was calmly finished by Juan Cuadrado’s composed strike pass Neuer.

Bayern and Pep Guardiola looked depleted but managed to bring themselves back in the game with two pin point crosses, which was converted to goal by Robert Lewandowski and by Thomas Mueller on 90th minute.

Bayern Munich 4 Juventus 2 - Talking Points, Things learnedWe have often seen in the past how teams scoring in the injury time go on to win the game, and same happened with The Bavarians scoring two goals (Thiago & Kingsley Coman) in space of 3 minutes.

The result ended Juventus’ hopes of reaching another final, while Pep Guardiola continued his strive of a Champions League success with Bayern Munich. Following an exciting game at Allianz Arena, we take a look at talking points and things learned from Bayern’s 4-2 win over Juventus.

Guardiola’s substitutes saved the day

Pep Guardiola was facing an embarrassing defeat before his exit from the club next season. The Spaniard looked clueless in the first half as his team were totally outplayed, however, second half saw Pep ring in changes with Kingsely Coman making all the difference.

French star turned the game on his head with some direct runs at Patrice Evra and delicious balls for his strikers to feed on. Then came Thiago Alcantara, who scored the vital third goal to kick Juve out of the game.

Juventus were very unlucky

Max Allegri must be wondering how his team lost the game last night. Juve had a rightful goal disallowed when Neuer’s kick came back to Alvaro Morata with the striker finishing his chance superbly. However, it was deemed as offside, when he was almost a yard onside.

Then Cuardrado’s shot struck the inside of goal post and stayed out. Then came the sucker punch from Bayern on 90th minute, and since then, it was all Bayern and Juventus were unable to cope with the pressure.

Bayern Munich 4 Juventus 2 - Talking Points, Things learnedNeuer saved by his teammates

Manuel Neuer likes to dominate his penalty box by coming out of his line and helping out the defenders. While many admire of his ball-play, it always brings a degree of risk with it. One had a feeling that someday, he would come in to trouble for his lets just say COCKINESS, shall we?

And he was made to pay last night when Pogba caught him off his line and score Juve’s opening goal. Neuer almost allowed Morata to score after his misplaced kick. In the end, Bayern stormed back to win the game and the German International was saved from all the wrong headlines, he would have made for his flamboyant keeping in a crucial game.

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