EPL GW26: Best Quotes from Arsene Wenger’s Press Conference ahead of the Leicester Game


Arsenal await Leicester’s visit ahead of the mega Premier League top of the table showdown this Sunday. Ahead of the kick-off, Gunners manager Arsene Wenger spoke about how Leicester are the favorites going in to the game this weekend.

According to Wenger, he will be happy to see Claudio Ranieri’s men win the title as it will be good for the game and all the fans around the world. Wenger also discussed the growing issue of ticker pricing for the Arsenal home games.

Arsene Wenger on Leicester winning the title

“They are in a position still where they think that they have nothing to lose. But once you’re on top of the league you can as well think that now you can lose what you have. They are certainly more convinced of their quality, the strength of that belief.”

Arsene Wenger on why Leicester’s win is good for the game

“Of course it is very romantic, and I understand the whole country [wants Leicester to win the title],” Wenger said. “That’s human. I think it’s also good for football. And it goes against the usual practice of our game, which is spend, buy big stars.”

Arsene Wenger on ticket-price issues

“It’s a very complicated subject, because how do you decide the right level of ticket prices?” he said. “Firstly it’s the attendance but you are being compared at the same time to foreign clubs.

“But I don’t think we are on the same level as some. Bayern Munich paid €1m for their ground, we paid £128m for ours.

“It’s true that we get more television income and that’s down to the audience and to the success, the pressure on the market is to pay for players at a higher price and increase the wages”

Wenger will be hoping that Leicester do not play at the same level like they did against Manchester City. Foxes played with a great intensity and caught City napping on several occasions.

While Arsenal do not have defensive concerns like Man City do, but they cannot take chances against the likes of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy.

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