Arsenal transfer news: Thierry Henry react to midfielder transfer


Arsenal enjoyed a successful period during Wenger’s first ten years at the helm of affairs at the club. They won the Premier League three times during this period. Patrick Vieira was one integral member of the team.

Thierry Henry believed Vieira is a special kind and believe no one can ever be like him. Vieira spent nine years with the Gunners, winning the Premier League and FA Cup three times and the World Cup, European championships and Confederations Cup with France.

Henry and Vieira played together for over five years before the former moved to Juventus. Henry believed Vieira could control the middle of the pitch single-handedly.

“You can not have another Vieira, it’s as simple as that,”

Henry told FIFA TV:

“I don’t remember ever playing with or seeing a man that could play alone in midfield, getting the ball back, giving you an assist and a goal. Going through the opposition like they just were not there.”

Vieira former club and national team mate, Robert Pires was also full of praise for the midfield mastreo. “He was a true leader, a true captain. On occasions when things weren’t going well on the pitch, we needed to hear his voice.”

Arsenal will be hoping to have a team like the one that produced Vieira, Henry and Pires during which they won major honours. Arsenal will be playing Chelsea in a pre season match in China tomorrow.