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Arsenal have become more and more mediocre as the season has gone on

Another game went by where Arsenal had to win to keep their top-4 hopes alive and it ended with another poor result and rather a sub-standard performance from the Gunners.

Arsenal’s draw against Sunderland tonight was another example of how far they have fallen behind this season after being on top of the league table at the turn of New Year.

Last 14 games have seen Wenger’s team win only 5 games while they have drawn 6 and lost 3 matches. Such a run has once again seen Arsenal scrap for a top-4 finish when they had the best chance to go on and win the title this season.

The sad, really sad part about Arsenal is there is just no motivation. Wenger has been loyal to mediocre players and in the process, has become mediocre himself.

Even if teams like Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United are below them, at least they have some scope of improvement for next season.

However at this pace, Arsenal have no way of getting better in coming years. After witnessing yet another average season, Gunners supporters must be furious to think that their senile manager is not going away and will continue to field mediocre players like Giroud, Mertesacker, Ramsey and others next season as well.

Reports have suggested that Wenger is set to remain in charge at Emirates next season and is thinking of a squad overhaul, but isn’t that the case every summer?

Arsenal fans wait for an exciting transfer window, but they end up getting one or teenagers coming through at the club. They have been crying for a striker to replace Robin Van Persie, but all we have seen is mediocracy and hope of a miracle.

Given the expected arrivals of Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and perhaps Jose Mourinho next season, Premier League will be at its competitive best. Not to forget Mauricio Pochettino, Jurgen Klopp and Claudio Ranieri will still be around.

Wenger needs to either alter his management style or he should walk away accepting that he is no longer cut to manage Arsenal to the Premier League trophy.

Emirates has witnessed mediocracy for far too long and it is time for them to evolve and be among the elites of English and European Football.

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