Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester issue statements over doping allegations


Earlier today, Premier League was rocked with a shock doping case after Sunday Times published Dr Mark Bonar’s claims who has come out with shocking revelations.

According to Sunday Times, Mark Bonar has prescribed performance enhancement drugs to over 150 athletes in the past.

According to Bonar, among the 150 athletes he has also worked with few football players from Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester. The news has left Premier League fans in a state of shock.

Sunday Times contacted the EPL clubs to have their say on the matter. Amid the allegations, clubs have released the following official statements clarifying their stance.

Chelsea – “The claims are false and entirely without foundation. Chelsea football club has never used the services of Bonar and has no knowledge or record of any of our players having been treated by him or having used his services.

“We take the issue of performance-enhancing drugs in sport extremely seriously and comply fully with all anti-doping rules and regulations. Chelsea FC players are regularly and rigorously tested by the relevant authorities.”

Arsenal – “Our players are well aware of what is expected. We strictly adhere to all guidelines set by the World Anti-Doping Agency and our first team players participate in approximately 50 random drugs tests during each football season. None of our players has ever failed such a test.”

Leicester City – Leicester City confirmed that players were barred from taking any drugs without the prior authority of the club. if found guilty, they would terminate the offending player’s contract.

Image Credit: telegraph, Quotes credit: Squawka