Five reasons why Jamie Vardy has been successful this season


Jamie Vardy’s recent red card may have brought harsh criticisms for the striker, but his impact on 2015/16 Premier League season is for everyone to see. He has scored 22 goals this season, which more or less has carried Leicester to the most remarkable title win in history.

His ability to score goals and make an impact were witnessed last season when he annihilated Manchester United in that famous 5-3 win at King Power Stadium. His career has gone from strength to strength since then which has seen him play for England as well.

Despite witnessing Vardy tear up defenses for fun, we decided to dig further and look at five reasons why Jamie Vardy has been successful this season.

5 reasons why Jamie Vardy has been successful this season

  1. Gifted finishing

Former Premier League striker Kevin Phillips has worked closely with Vardy in recent seasons and according to Phillips, Vardy is a natural and a gifted finisher.

However, Phillips did admit that Vardy has worked very hard to go from a natural striker to being a more lethal one.

His goals against Sunderland and West Ham last week were prime examples of how people are now expecting him to score every time he gets the ball. That is the testimony to hard work Vardy has put in to his game.

  1. Insane pace

When we see Vardy run through defenses we tend to forget that he is 29-years old. Despite his age, he has maintained his fitness and most certainly he is not getting any slower.

Vardy’s great skill this season has been his pace where he has run past the last line of defense time and time again to put finishing touches to Leicester’s numerous counter-attacks.

  1. Desire and hunger to do well

Not long ago, Vardy was playing in League 2 and was not even dreaming of his International debut. However, he kept getting better at his game and now he is most certain to be part of England’s squad for the upcoming Euro 2016.

5 reasons why Jamie Vardy has been successful this season

  1. Scoring when it matters the most

One of the biggest reasons for Leicester’s title push this season was Vardy’s record-breaking feat of scoring in 11 consecutive Premier League matches. Leicester hardy lost a game in that run and it paved the way for them to kick on and mount their title bid.

Since his record, Vardy went on a quiet run but has sprung back to life in recent weeks. He has scored 3 goals in his last 2 matches and looks set to go on another scoring spree when he returns from his suspension.

  1. Hollywood finale – What else can you ask for?

Such has been the impact of Vardy’s 2015/16 campaign that Hollywood director Adrian Butchart has decided to make a movie on his journey to success. Names like Robert De Niro and Vinnie Jones have been linked with Vardy’s movie and it seems like a fitting finale to the wonderful season he has enjoyed.

Image Credit: Sky Sports, Getty