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Three things Leicester have taught every Premier League team this season

Leicester City continue their remarkable run at the top of Premier League table. With just 8 games left in their season, The Foxes are 5 points clear of their nearest rivals Tottenham.

Many are stunned with Claudio Ranieri’s feat this season when nobody gave his team any chance of even staying up.

Leicester barely avoided relegation last time around, and were a good bet to go down this year, but they are at top of the league table and look as the favorites to win the title this season.

So what did Leicester do differently this season, which has taken all the other big guns of Premier League by surprise? We think, The Foxes have managed to cover the three basics of professional football better than any other team in the league.

On that note, we take a look at three things which Leicester have taught every other Premier League team this season.

Importance of Scouting

Nobody had heard of Mahrez & Kante about a year ago
                   Nobody had heard of Mahrez & Kante about a year ago

About a year ago, nobody had even heard of N’Golo Kante, now he is the most sought after midfield player in the Premier League. Kante was bought from Ligue 1 side CAEN for a little over £6million.

Leicester had almost set up a camp in France to complete the signing of this pocket-size dynamo, and it has turned out to be the best transfer in the club’s history. Not only that, Riyad Mahrez joined Leicester for a mere £500k, back in 2014.

That is not it, Jamie Vardy became a Leicester player for just £1.2 million back in 2012. Leicester have shown us the importance of scouting in professional football, which bigger teams lack these days.

As for the other teams, it is mostly about getting their cheque book out and signing the biggest player available in the transfer market. Hopefully, things will be different next season after Leicester have paved the way for other teams to focus more on finding the hidden gems of European football.

Team is bigger than the individual

3 things Leicester have taught Premier League this season

Whenever we have seen Leicester City play this season, it has been about a solid team display regardless of their opposition. Players always cover for each other, and are willing to help out an out of position teammate.

Leicester wingers including the star man Riyad Mahrez are willing to make defensive runs and cover for their full-backs. Midfielders Danny Drinkwater and N’Golo Kante bust their neck to make forward runs as well as act as the shield for their back four.

Even Jamie Vardy presses from the front and chases down opponents to ensure, Leicester do not give away cheap possession.

We often hear stories of big named players at bigger clubs (Ozil, Mata, Hazard, Coutinho etc.) not doing enough defensive work, but not Leicester City. This team plays like a unit and are determined to go all the way and create history by winning the title this season.

Counter Attacking football is not only for the Underdogs

3 things Leicester have taught Premier League this season
             When Vardy runs at your defense, you better look for cover

People often say, counter attacking football is meant to be played by the underdogs and teams who are not favorite to win a football match. However, Leicester have gone on to prove that wrong this season, as they have scored more than 50% of their goals from counter attacking football.

In Jamie Vardy, they have a sprinter, who can score goals. Riyad Mahrez can run with the ball better than anybody and Marc Albrighton is not bad with the ball either.

The three have hurt almost every team in the league this season with their brisk and decisive break-aways. Kante and Drinkwater have been massive in this strategy as more often than not, they break things up and allow their speedsters to go on and get the goals for their side.

Leicester may become the greatest underdog ever to go on and win the Premier League title but their style of play, in particular, Counter Attacking style of play is far from boring or not worth enjoying.

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